• Pigment Removal
    $25 - $50 Per Spot
    Permanent removal of minor skin irregularities

Our Sun Spot / Pigment Removal service is performed by a device that uses high-frequency electrical current. It delivers precise electrical sparks through a micro electric probe to dehydrate the skin.  (It is an electrical treatment device, NOT an operating tool) Results are seen almost immediately. Most people only need one session for permanent results.

Before and After Sun Spot Removal Service

The probe never touches the tissue being treated and the electrical current sparks to the skin causing dehydration of the treated area. There is no blood associated with the treatment and the skin is instantly dehydrated. A scab will replaces the area where the pigment originated. New skin cells will start regenerating from underneath. It usually takes about 1 week for smaller spots and up to 3 weeks for bigger and thicker skin growth before the scab falls off naturally. The treated area will heal and new healthy skin will return and gradually take on the color of the surrounding tissue.

It is extremely important to follow appropriate after care, such as keeping the area dehydrated and protecting it with sunscreen when exposed to even the least amount of sun.  We will discuss after care with you at the time of treatment.

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