Classic Relaxation Massage |  $74+

A soothing full body massage using light to medium pressure to unwind, de-stress and melt away tension. Customize your session 50-60-80-90-100 Minutes Available

Classic Deep Muscle Massage | $84+
Recharge your body with a powerful full body massage designed to alleviate deep tension and muscular stress. This treatment uses powerful movements of firm pressure and concentrates on specific areas of concern to alleviate stress. Deep Muscle massage is recommended for seasoned Spa visitors and incorporates firm pressure. Customize your session 50-60-80-90-100 Minutes Available

Traditional Hot Stone or Himalayan Salt Stone Add-On | $20 Add-On on to any massage
Enjoy a therapeutic and rejuvenating massage using heated stones and light to moderate pressure to effectively sooth aching, tired muscles and promote relaxation.

Express Refresh Massage 25 min | $44
Perfect for a quick body and soul recharge, this refreshing treatment is designed to relieve tension from the neck, back and shoulder area, using light to medium pressure.

Salt Scrub | 60 Minutes $89
A complete body exfoliation to reveal fresh and glowing skin..

Customize Your Massage

50 – 60 – 80 – 90 – 100 Minute Sessions Available


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